Terms and Conditions

The Terms, Conditions and Policy’s set out below refer to services and expectation set out between you “the client” and us “555 Data Recovery Co.” ABN 63 380 913 359 unless governed by Australian Law.

1) You agree, understand and accepted the item(s) presented for data recovery are in a state of non-function, and understand the process involved in data recovery may further damage or reduce the function of the item(s). This includes item disassembly, glass, screen, case and malformation of your item. You accept and understand this may happen and accept this risks and damages in all cases. An example of this may be accessing a solid state in a sealed Microsoft surface pro where the screen must be removed for access.

2) You understand and agree data recovery on any device is not guaranteed and agree not hold 555 Data Recovery Co. accountable for a non recovery event.

3) You understand a PARTIAL data recovery is charged the same as a Full data recovery as the processes involved are the same. We deem a case Non Recoverable if we obtain no recovered data at all.

4) Covid 19 – During any restriction, our services may be delayed.

5) Free assessment – In most cases, we will not charge you to assess your device in the initial stage of analysis. We will assess (which may involve some preliminary data recovery or repair works), then contact you in regards pricing, timeline and details of potential data recovery.

6) Attempt Fee – In some recovery tasks where the item has had a prior recovery attempt or we deem the recovery task a high risk or a potential for a non recovery, we may at our discretion request a non-refundable attempt fee before proceeding further. If you don’t agree, then we stop and you wont be charged for our services.

7) After the data is extracted from your device, we will let you know and transfer the data to a new destination device if you don’t provide your own. This is usually a Portable Hard drive, USB memory drive, cloud storage or email.

8) Your original device, unless otherwise requested, will be securely disposed of, or recycled at day 14 after recovered data has been returned to you.

9) Payment. We charge for our services like any other business. If we quote you for data recovery and you accept this by phone, email or in person, we interpret this as an agreement between you and us meaning you are obligated to pay for data recovery services we undertake for you. We may also request a non refundable deposit or full payment prior to full recovery task completion.

10) All prices on this web site and quotations include GST of 10%

11) Devices and other Item(s) left with us without contact or collection, will be securely disposed of, or recycled after 30 days without further notice. This includes quote declined jobs and non recovery jobs.

12) Any work we perform on your device may lead to voiding manufacturer warranty. If you intend to make claim for manufactures warranty after any attempt to recover data, then we recommend you obtain written consent from the manufacturer prior to recovery attempts.




Data Retention Policy

We store your data securely for safekeeping for 14 days to ensure you have your data safely in your hands

1) For the use of Data Recovery, we may and usually store your data on our secure servers for during and a set time after completion of recovery. These server may be either onsite or cloud based.

2) We can at your request securely delete your data at an earlier time. This request must either be made in person with acceptable ID or by email instruction from the person who initiated the recovery case. This cannot be done by telephone.

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and believe your data is only your data and we keep it that way.

1) During data recovery, your data is scanned for diagnostic analysis by our staff or contractors for the purposed of data integrity checks.

2) All staff and contractors involved with the data recovery task are bound by confidentiality & non-disclosures agreements without expiry.

3) Data will not be released to any other third party unless you have authorised this or required by law.

4) All data is securely stored either onsite or using secure cloud base services.

No Recovery - No Fee Policy

1) We have adopted an industry standard policy of a “No Recovery – No Fee” which means where we make an attempt of data recovery and we cannot get your data due an unrecoverable circumstance, we don’t charge you for our time and services. We too are saddened by your data loss and feel unfair to charge.

2) This Policy excludes a job where your were previously advised of an attempt fee and quoted accordingly for that fee and accepted by you.

3) Shipping is also not a free service and will be charged in all cases of recovery including non recovery and quotation decline scenarios.