Hi all – Happy Friday!..

Our client tried to use their buffalo 500GB USB Hard drive Model HD-CX500U2 after a few years sitting in the cupboard which shows an error after connecting to a PC. Rather than persisting or re-formatting the drive, they chose the team at 555 Data Recovery Co.

After our initial free inspection, we concluded the drive had weak read heads which prevented the drive passing its internal self-test. With our client’s consent, 555 Data Recovery Co. were able to swap out the head stack assembly in our in house CLASS100 clean room to then to make a successful image of our clients drive to our servers. This resulted with an error rate less than 8% which is a very good result.

But that’s not the end. Our clients data was encrypted and without a password for decryption our efforts would be wasted. Our client had forgotten they ever set a password for this external USB drive let alone remember what it was. Thankfully the older style BUFFALO external hard drives allowed for a hint to be entered when the password was set years ago.

We arranged a suitable time for our client to attend our QLD Everton Park LAB where we sat them down on one our work stations where they could enter various passwords in privacy in the attempt to unlock their recovered data.
Within 10-15 attempts. BINGO they got it!

We then proceeded to transfer all their decrypted data to good drive for them to take home next day.
Morel of the story is to keep passwords safe otherwise a lost password is as good as a lost hard drive.

See you next week 😉